Saturday, April 11, 2009


Lady has now been home since February 21st, 2009 alone without Bruno! He is at the Lexington Prison being trained and has done good till a few weeks ago he got where he wouldn't master one thing and that was heeling on a leash. It has taken longer for that one reason but right now looks like he will be coming home on the 21st finally!!!
He has decided to get the heeling mastered once and get paroled out of there and get a graduation date to come home. I am so excited and even Lady is excited. She has enjoyed being alone here but she has now started to miss him he has been gone so long.
If all goes well I am planning to go get him alone and plan to see how he does in a shopping mall, a couple stores and etc. I hope the weather will permit so I can order something to eat and possibly eat outside with him if I have to eat inside but find somewhere will it won't be so busy so I can work with him if needed.
I am getting so excited and looking forward having him home. He has a new harness waiting for him, and a new Service Dog ID as well. We are ready for him to rejoin the family!
He turned 1 last month on the 18th and so we are going to have a late birthday party for him. It will be alot of fun and looking forward to seeing how he reacts. Anyways, I need to close for now but as time gets closer will let you know how things look for him getting paroled and coming home.

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